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SBPL manufacturers and provides superior quality bonding solutions, serving as a single-source paper and adhesives supplier to help you solve problems today and succeed tomorrow.These include Lamination, Labelling, Paper Conversion, Starch (Dextrin) based and Wood Working Adhesives.these are manufactured using quality PVA, VAM and additives to ensure excellent adhesion properties, solvent and temperature resistance.

Grinded & Polished Core

SBPL is manufactured of “ Grinded Polished Core “ in Northern India for Bopp & Polyester film, Metalize films Manufacturer. The company is manufacturing Grinded Core with accuracy in straightness & outer smoothness. The company is producing High quality Grinded Core.

Side Protector

Paper edge boards to protect sides of products in packaging.

Spandex Yarn Tube

Spandex Yarn Paper Tube is used in textile industries to produce yarn and segregation of material. We are the major suppliers of Indorama Corporation and Hyosung TNC which are the only two companies in India requiring Spandex Yarn Paper Tube. This product is a highly specialized material made with only a specific type of paper resulting in superior quality in terms of edge finishing and strength.

Spiral paper Tubes & Core

Company makes quality products as per recommended specification of paper, Bopp self adhesive tape, Vinyl flooring, PVC film and etc. SBPL can manufacture Tube/Core from 1” to 20” inner dia with a thickness from 1mm to 20mm.

Wrap Around Edge Boards

The wrap-around flexible edge protectors are specifically designed for protection of different shapes.

Edge Protector

Prevents strapping damage.

Reinforcing Edge Boards

Corrugated paper boxes can be reinforced to ensure extra safety in transit and added stacking and added stackng strength.

Edge Protector

SBPL are manufacturing a whole range of edge protector as follows:

Side Protectors

Wrap Around Edge Protectors

U-profile Edge Protectors

Reinforcing Edge Protectors

Paper Based Fiber Drum

The company are manufacturing Paper Based Fiber Drum is made from High Quality Paper for Paper Body, Hot Pressed Plywood for Top & Bottom & quality Cold Rold Steel strips

Vaccum Forming Items

Vacuum forming is one of the oldest and cheapest methods for plastic molding and is widely used in our everyday life, from smaller objects to huge industrial machinery. The vacuum forming process is being used at a large scale due to its low cost, efficiency, speed of imitation, and ease of use for shaping smaller objects molds.

Special Features

Screen Printed Drum

Coloured Drum

From 8” to 18” inner Dia.

Thermacol inner Lining

Length as Required

Paper Lids for Top & Bottom

Composite Container

A composite container is a canister or a container made from more than one constituent material in order to enhances the maximize useful properties and minimize their weaknesses, generally consisting of paper, boards and Kraft papers with metal of plastic ends. It is also called a 'combican'. Currently this is made at SBPL Ropar, Punjab for 100 pipers. With latest technology and quality that we can fulfill, we are able to manufacture some of the finest Composite containers in india.

Red Ring & Parting Washer

The red ring and parting washer is made for pencil and AA batteries and are a core part of the supply chain. At the moment, we supply solely to Eveready and are one of the biggest red ring makers of north India.

POY Tube

Tubes made with this paper provide High vertical and horizontal strength of cores for safe carrying of material. MF surface for proper adhesive application and lamination up to 85% Moisture 5.5 to 6% most suitable for Paper tube application.Better tensile strength for running ability in conversation process.

DTY Tube

Tube made with this grade, provide High vertical and horizontal strength of Tube. MF surface for proper adhesive application and lamination.Moisture 5.5 to 6% most suitable for Paper tube application. Better tensile strength for running ability in conversation process.